Commercial Law

Benefit Legal Lawyers have in depth industry skills for business commercial legal matters. Our highly prepared group of Commercial and Business Lawyers will concentrate in your specific situation to give you the best end-result. We use practical and technical methods to protect your business assets and assure your commercial dealings are to the highest standards you deserve, helping you to maximize and protect your profits.

We provide commercial legal advice in the following practice areas:

Benefit Legal lawyers act in sale transactions for land and real estate property. Our team has experience in residential and commercial land transactions that have simple or complex components, including: dealings with mortgage agreements, banks, third party caveats, reviews of sale contracts in respect of terms and conditions for both vendors and purchasers.

We carry out necessary inquiries for the sale and purchase such as certification of environmental planning, compliance with with necessary legislative requirements. Benefit Legal Lawyers use the latest technology to assure your settlements are completed quickly and efficiently.

Benefit Legal Lawyers have vast experience is business buying and selling transactions. Our experienced business lawyers will get the best net-profit of your buys or sales ensuring all due diligence.Considering that businesses have large balance sheets, profit and cash flows documents, you will benefit from our business expertise to examine, categorise and advise you on the true current and future value of prospective businesses. Our team will work with you in achieving the best price and value for your business endeavours.

Benefit Legal Lawyers have vast experience in commercial leases. When you are leasing property for business such as restaurants, shops, factories or offices which are large or small we are here to assist you. Commercial property leasing is often the most significant liabilty that your business undertakes for years to come. The myriad of terms-and-conditions ‘T&Cs’ can make leases interpretations unclear or not to your advantage. We holistically carry out due diligence checks and rewrites that protect your rights and interest. Our lawyers have vast experience in conveyance, real property, taxation, retail leases amongst others.

You can count on our legal team when dealing with negotiations to settle a lease, renewals options or extensions of leases, mortgage transfers or notices requirements for terminations.

You can count on us in commercial disputes arising from contracts breaches in simple to complex commercial arrangements. During contentious agreements where serious financial consequences threaten your business, Benefit Legal Lawyer act swiftly, efficiently and make best use of your resources to achieve a wining outcome.

If a debt is unfairly claimed against you we will protect your rights. Our litigation lawyers will assist your right by responding to unfair demands, filing necessary court documents on your behalf, and if necessary acting for you in difficult court proceedings circumstances.

When you need to recover moneys owned from other parties, Benefit Legal Lawyers have a consistent approach to reduce delays of collecting what you are owned. Our team will assist you in enforcing judgments for debts or engage in dispute resolution to resolve your matters with cost effectiveness in mind.

Business structures can vastly improve you financial position creating a vehicle to protect your profits and income. We will pick the best business structure considering your personal factors, purpose and commercial goals. We ensure that your business structure is best suited for your entrepreneurial needs. We consider director duties compliance, shareholders rights in a company relationship, partnerships formation, as well as contracts for ownership of assets. Additionally, we advice on taxation exposure and potential liabilities when it comes to estate planning concerns within a company structure. We make sure the foundation of your business is robust and sustainable.